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About Applied Green Light Inc. (AGL)

about 1AGL short history

Applied Green Light Inc. (AGL) team has more than 25 years of experience in digital display field from 1990s. Then AGL started from 2008 in Hsin-Chu science park of Taiwan, the world center of TFT LCD and IC design area. Originally, AGL started in backlight design, but now our engineering team design manufacture all range of LCD module and related display systems, some further details also include LCD panel, monitor system, LED backlight driving, signal control, special specification design and other works.

To base on 12 years special LCD experience, now AGL is a professional design and manufacturing company to provide TFTLCD and related digital display services. Our goal is to provide the best digital display solution into our life to create more convenience and beautiful life. So far there has around million AGL LCD panels working for people in worldwide every day, however AGL is nonstop, we still keep working hard to create the best digital display solutions, to create win-win business with our global partners in coming future.

Product range & Applications

So far AGL LCD related digital display products with following major features:
Size range: From 2~65 inches
Specification features: - Brightness:250~2500nits or more

- Backlight MBTF: 20,000~100,000 hours or more
- Extra wide operation temperatures: LCD panel-30~85C, monitor-30~65C, to base on special designing, it could accept lower temperature and sun direct sunlight.
-Special display feature designing, such as dinky dimming range and special night vision, etc.
- Various chassis design, such as waterproof or touch, etc.

-Products Applications:

-Industrial applications
-Transportation applications (airplane, car, train, boat)
-Digital information, advertisement and commercial applications
-Human Machine Interface
-Outdoor applications
-Military applications, including night vision or special anti-electromagnetic interference

about 2Capacity

AGL has a complete R&D team in optics, electronics, mechanism, system design, etc., providing partners with the fastest and most complete product development services.
In addition, in the production capacity section, AGL's production line also could meet up the demand urgently from worldwide customers, the capacity including:
-LCD panel: 10,000+ piece per month
-Monitor system integration: 4000+ piece per month


In the field of customized LCD display, AGL has complete product development capabilities, based on ISO9001 process; we also have well experience to help our partners to get related certifications. Besides that, AGL standard product series also provide related certification, including CE, FCC, RoHS, etc.


ISO9001c 150ISO9001e 150CE 150FCC 150