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- General LCD service

service generallcd 1In the highly competition digital display market, AGL well understand the exactly product request from our worldwide partners---it should be the most competitive, and the best cost/performance product. So AGL team always keep the most sensitive smell to the market and technology trend, then keep non-stop to design and manufacture the best new standard display related products. Our target is to provide a general LCD service with long term support, short lead time and easy order from sample to mass production --- a standard product series for our worldwide partners.     

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- Customized design

service customize design 1For to consider a customized LCD panel and related system developing requested huge initial investment always, AGL especially designed a flexible, lower cost and easier customization process. Our goal is to help our global partners to invest the lowest resource to get a unique product based on AGL advanced technical platforms.

AGL customized LCD service include three major fields:

  1. Customized LCD panel
  2. Customized display kits and related parts developing
  3. Customized monitor or display system
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