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AGL general service

- General LCD service

service generallcd 1In the highly competition digital display market, AGL well understand the exactly product request from our worldwide partners---it should be the most competitive, and the best cost/performance product. So AGL team always keep the most sensitive smell to the market and technology trend, then keep non-stop to design and manufacture the best new standard display related products. Our target is to provide a general LCD service with long term support, short lead time and easy order from sample to mass production --- a standard product series for our worldwide partners.     

AGL general LCD service included three major product fields:

  1. Standard LCD panel module
  • Display size range from 2”~65” all series
  • Resolution from QVGA to 4K, related to different size
  • Brightness range from 250~2500ntis or more, related to different applications
  • MTBF from 20K~100K or more, related to different backlight design rules
  • Operation temperature range from -30~85C, related to different TFT and backlight design
  1. Standard display kits

Related to AGL standard LCD panel series, we also developed complete display control parts (kits), to provide the most reliable, the easiest way in local system integration approach. Based on AGL standard display kits solution, our partners can integrate their local system by the highest efficiency and the lowest cost investment.
The complete AGL display kit include following parts:

  • Extra wide operation temperature range, high power LED backlight driver board, special design for high brightness LCD panel
  • Special high brightness gamma corrected AD board, with related signal input ports: VGA, DVI, HMI, DP, BNC, USB and others. Meanwhile, we also provided DP looped TV wall control board solutions.
  • LCD remote control board based on IoT network concept.
  • Automatic thermal control kits
  • Automatic brightness control kits
  • All range LCD related touch screen, include 4W, 5W resistance, projected capacitive, IR, optical touch solutions

For to help our partners integrate their local system by the most efficiency approaches, AGL developed a complete monitor series, based on different chassis design, then to apply different brightness grade LCD panel and control kits, our local partners can select AGL standard monitor series then easy to build their system from indoor device to outdoor equipment, from general industrial use to critical special applications.

        3. AGL standard monitor series include:

  • Close frame series
  • Open frame series
  • Zero bezel monitor series
  • Outdoor series
  • Bar monitor series