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Mobility display solution


Beside consumer-grade mobile phones and tablets, LCD displays that also can be used for industrial or military grade mobile or handheld applications generally. For example, such like industrial and military grade cell phones, tablets and notebook computers, such kind of applications have to applied in extreme or rouged environments. Another major industrial mobile display application is the screen mounted on vehicles, ships or others, There are many specification details and characteristics that need to be considered for digital display applied in these fields .

Related applications, For example,

  • Light weight. There is no doubt that the importance of light weight in all of these applications.
  • Thin thickness design. To consider the space is a high cost generally in mobile applications, we need as thin thickness as possible.
  • Power saving. For most applications relied on battery system, power consumption is really key issue in such system.
  • Can be used under unstable power supply system or voltage vibration.
  • Visible under high ambient brightness, so an excellent optical design is absolutely necessary.
  • Stable dispaly from 100% brightness to dark display conditions, and in some special applications, it must even be an average of 100 to 1000 steps of stable display by switching
  • Support signal interface of various CPU or SOC
  • Wide operation temperature range
  • Best optical integration with touch screen
  • Excellent protection against static electricity

Based on more than 20 years of experience in display design, AGL provides LCD designs with different characteristics for various mobile applications, related product range from 3 inches to 17.3 inches, with a minimum thickness of less than 3mm, providing sunlight readable, multiple input interfaces, all support stable and reliable display functions. Some of these mobile power-saving displays also have amazing 100K hours backlight life, fully support the best display solutions for different mobile system design.

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