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As an interactive interface between human and machine, to apply TFT LCD as a KIOSK or HMI device plays an important function in today's life. It is designed to allow fixed interactive actions, aided by machine functions, to produce clear and understandable feedback that make life be more convenient. Regular function such like registration, ordering, payment etc.

Generally, KIOSK or HMI have different functional requirements because of different applications. It means there are several sub-systems to structure it, including displays, various input and output systems such like touch panel, computing systems and mechanisms.

For example, the currently popular DC charging stations and charging piles, all of them required a display as the user's operation interface. This display should not only consider weather conditions, long-term reliability, waterproofing, and visibility under sunlight, but also have to consider power consumption, mechanism The requirements for integration with the system are also very high spec and quality request.

AGL's modular system architecture based on a wide range of standard products, also based on the well experience design and electrical engineering team, to provide the best solution to our worldwide partners. AGL ensured all related projects with long-term availability and clear lead time control, to help our partners to integrate and win their general commercial grade, or industrial grade HMI and KIOSK applications easily.

Actually, AGL also support related technical platform to help our customers to get some special display applications even requested in extreme industrial environments, such like salt resistance, corrosion resistance, or high vibration environment.


Based on general industrial grade KIOSK/HMI applications, AGL corresponds related solutions including the following key points:

--4.3" to 24" monitor

-- Resolution support up to FHD (1920*1080)

--250 to 3000nit Display brightness

--Resistance and capacitive touch screen integration

--IK710 grade protective glass with customized design

--AG/AR/AF or other surface treatment and special treatment of protective glass

--Control system corresponding to various installation environments

--Computer system

--Cabin or chassis design and related materials surface treatment

--System integration, certification and related spec document control

--Parts control for long-term support