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TFT LCD Displays play a very important role in today's retail applications. They can not only mark prices, introduce products, promote new products, and promote sales, but also help consumers find target products. On the other hand, displays also play a more aggressive role in guiding consumers or attracting crowds in generalized retail applications (which may also be generally included in Digital Signage applications). So the retail used display installation location may be from the outside of the store, or inside shop window but face to street, or at the aisle, ceiling, shelf or counter inside of the store.

Based on years of professional display design experience, AGL provides a variety of products with different specifications for different usage purposes, functions and installation positions in retail application displays. Corresponding key specifications, such as the following items:

--7" to 55" display size

--Support up to 4K resolution

--High-brightness display technology visible in sunlight

--Special optical design for vertical or horizontal applications

--Wide viewing angle design

--System design for outdoor and semi-outdoor applications

--Customized design to resist strong external impact force

--Related touch screen design

--Easy content playback locally

--Have the ability to play concatenated content or synchronized content

-- Push content through the cloud based system if necessary

--Can be controlled remotely

--Thin thickness display screen design

--Easy installation brackets design

--Stability for long-term use

--System structure concerned easy to maintenance