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Special Module / backlight / optical design

LCDs is just like a large river, all different sizes and design have its related different applications, they exist between various systems. In order to connect system functions with various interfaces to display devices, so called control kits have also become an important issue for system engineers. The general control kits between computer board and LCD panel, including
  •  ultra-low reflectivity,
  • Anti glare surface,
  • specific wavelength blocking,
  • specific polarization angle,
  • specific ultra-wide, or ultra-narrow viewing angle.
  • specific spectrum of backlight
  • Multi of backlight design and related control system

With years of optical design experience, AGL provides the most flexible design for our customers and partners. Based on well experienced supply chain and well materials support, to make sure  your product ideals can be fully realized.

So far AGL provides special backlight and optical design services through a customized service process.

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